Low Tide Dates and Times for Monterey Bay Area (7/29-8/2) + Great Tide Pool Beaches

beachkidsMy kids at New Bright Beach, no tides pools that day (we were too late) but I love this picture.

Here are the Low Tide Dates and Times for the Monterey Bay Area, CA (7/29-8/2):

The tides aren’t that low right now. The next significantly negative low tide will be August 12th 6:18 am and then not again until October 8th at 5:15pm Tide -0.2, there will be low tides between now and then but not a significantly low negative tide. During the Fall months the accessible low tides will ALL be in the afternoon/evenings

Tuesday 7/29 @ 6:50 am Tide: 0.2
Wednesday 7/30 @ 7:19 am Tide: 0.5
Thursday 7/31 @ 7:49 am Tide: 0.8
Friday 8/1 @ 8:21 am Tide: 1.2
Saturday 8/2 @ 8:55 am Tide: 1.6

Going to the beach? Here is a fun beach craft: Rock Feet (very Cute)

Next set of low tides starts Tue,  August 29th at 6:18 am Tide -0.5 Click HERE to see all the tides for 2014

What do tide numbers mean? The more negative (or smaller) the number the lower the tide. The lower the tide the more tide pools there will be (depending on location)

When should I go down to beach based on tide charts? It is best to get to the beach BEFORE the low tide time to get the full window of tide pools. The tide charts post the peak of low and high tides (4 tides daily). The tide will start to come back in 1 minute after the peak time given in the tide charts.

Example: Monday July 14th @ 6:37am Tide: -1.1 (VERY low tide). At 6:38am, the tide will start coming back in slowly

Good Tide Pool Beaches to visit at Low Tide: Monterey and Pacific Grove beaches are beautiful but can be very foggy. Lover’s Pt in Pacific Grove is my favorite. Capitola Beach, heading away from the village towards Aptos has great tide pools, lots of parking in mornings. Pleasure Point Beaches (at the end of 41st Ave, Santa Cruz there is a FREE parking lot), and West Cliff Drive Beaches, Santa Cruz ( walking away from the lighthouse going North at low tide there is a picturesque rock you can walk through that is the entrance to a pretty little pocket beach. FREE parking lot by lighthouse). Heading north on Hwy 1, Davenport has some great tide pool beaches as well.



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