FREE Adventure e-books for Kids

Zack & Zoey Alien Apocalypse, a FREE e-book for kindle or ipad. Hurry and download now before the price goes back up on Amazon

Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land and The Pizza Party, a fun story with great animations. FREE e-book

Shirley Link and The Safe Case book. This book has made the top 5 kid’s ebooks on Amazon. year old private eye, but she doesn’t want anyone to know. Whenever she uses her powers of observation she gets into trouble.

Zorek’s Pyraminds (book 1) FREE e-book (ages 9-12 yr). While skateboarding with friends, Adam is magically transported to another world. The kingdom of Saris is under threat from the evil Zorek and his ruthless sorcerer Arazmendi. The royal sorcerer Isidoro’s visions suggest that Adam could be the key…….

Treasure from the Past (Big Honey Dog MYSTERIES Special Edition) FREE e-book.
Join Honey the Great Dane and her canine friends in this exciting Easter mystery as they come across a strange, fairy-tale house and its mysterious occupants. Can they decipher the clues in time to find a priceless lost treasure from the Russian Revolution?

The Case of the Chocolate Snatcher

The Secret of the Long-Lost Cousin

Ripley’s RBI: 01 A Scaly Tail

Voyage with the Vikings (Imagination Station Book 1)


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