Soda and Mentos Birthday Party Idea (cheap and easy) + coupon

I am going to incorporate the Mentos and Soda Eruption at my son’s 7th birthday party in a few weeks.  A new high value $1/1 7UP, A&W, Canada Dry, RC Soda, or Sunkist TEN 12-Pack OR $1/2 2-Liters coupon is available to print right now. (You can print it 2x). This will pair nicely with all the soda sales going on weekly.

Minecraft-TNT-soda-experiment_zpsbd39b448 Pretty Cool!! I love the idea of making a TNT Mindcraft box over soda bottle. My son would love that. This is a very cheap, fun and easy birthday party idea. Go HERE to see what you need for a Mentos and Soda Eruption.

Mint Mentos and Diet Coke work the best but it might be fun to line up different sodas and see which one produces the best geyser effect (loads of fun for 7 year olds)

The Science behind it: The numerous small pores on the candy’s surface catalyze the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the soda, resulting in the rapid expulsion of copious quantities of foam. Although any carbonated beverage will produce a similar effect, the reaction was popularized using Diet Coke for seemingly producing the best results.

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  1. Anonymous
    Jun 02, 2014 @ 18:03:01

    That’s really cool !!


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