Low Tides in the Monterey Bay, CA June 1-5th

20120624-201349.jpg First low tides of summer. Tide pools are my children’s playground. There is something wonderful about going to low tide in the morning with my kids with coffee and hot coco.

Sunday June 1 @ 7:48 am Tide: -0.4
Monday June 2 @ 8:30 am Tide: -0.1
Tuesday June 3 @ 9:11 am Tide: 0.2
Wednesday June 4 @ 9:55 am Tide: 0.5
Thursday June 5 @ 10:40 am Tide: 0.8

It is best to get to the beach BEFORE the low tide time to get the full window of tide pools. The tide charts post the peak of low and high tides (4 tides daily). The tide will start to come back in 1 minute after the peak time given in the tide charts. Example: Sunday June 1 the  low tide is posted at 7:48am. At 7:49am the tide will start coming back in.




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