October Low Tides now through Halloween- Monterey Bay Area

20120705-205525.jpgTis the season for low tides! Now through Halloween low and negative tides are back and most will occur in the afternoons (or at least the ones during the day time). The smaller or more negative the tide number the lower the tide will be. It is best to arrive at the beach at least 1 hour before the low tide time to get the maximum time with the tide pools and ocean treasure collecting.

October low and negative tides:

  • Thursday 10/25 @ 2:42pm Tide 1.1
  • Friday 10/26 @ 3:27pm Tide 0.7
  • Saturday 10/27 @ 4:08pm Tide 0.3
  • Sunday 10/28 @ 4:45pm Tide 0.1
  • Monday 10/29 @ 5:21pm Tide -0.1
  • Tuesday 10/30 @ 5:57pm Tide -0.1
  • Wednesday 10/31 @ 6:34 Tide -0.1

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