Clif Kid Zfruit Snacks 6-pk as low as $0.50- Whole Foods

Kid Z Fruit Rope nutrition data at Calorie CountCheck out this fantastic deal on Clif Kid Zfruit 6-pk at Whole Foods. I did go in a verify the price as well; Bay Area Whole Food Stores many times have higher prices than other locations.

Clif Kid Zfruit 6-pk- $2.50
Use: $1.00/1 Clif Kid Zfruit 6-pk Whole Foods Coupon found in whole Deal coupon Book in-store
And Use: $1.00/1 Clif Kid Zfruit Snacks 8/19 SS Insert (Monterey Bay Area newspapers did not carry this coupon, the SF Chronicle might)
The Deal: as low as $0.50 , if you were lucky enough to use BOTH coupons!

I get so bummed out when my Sunday paper does not have the coupon that was listed; coupons are regional though. One way around this dilemma is to call or next time you are visiting your cousin’s aunt’s friend that lives in a different coupon region than you do. Ask them to save their Sunday paper inserts for you.

Example of different coupon regions for the Bay Area:

  • Coupon region A: Monterey Bay Area (Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Monterey and Salinas)
  • Coupon region B: San Francisco Area
  • Coupon region C: Fresno
  • I just made up the coupon region letters

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